Email designers have had to rely on disparate resources for far too long. Sure, forums and blog posts are great sources of information - but there has never before been a real community for email designers. So we decided to build one ourselves.

The Litmus Community is a place for email designers and marketers to gather and share information. Right now you can post discussions and help others with issues, as well as learn about a variety of topics in the Learning Center.

Soon, we'll be launching Code Questions to allow designers to post and discuss specific markup issues and techniques. That's not all we have planned, though. Future versions of Community will add even more articles, videos, tutorials, and tools to help email designers hone their craft.

We can't build this community alone, though. We want to hear from all of you and figure out just what you need to get your best work done. Have an idea for an article? Is there a tool you need to make your life easier? Let us know by joining in on this discussion or emailing us at

Once again, welcome to Community - we look forward to building something that helps us all.