Additional layer of difficulty is that I am using a 'content provider system' so the phone numbers can change, meaning that using html codes to break up the phone number so Gmail won't recognize it is not an option.

I tried a couple tecnhiques on here to no avail. I had hope for the technique listed in the last comment:

Here's my current method that works:

<span style="color:#d20000; text-decoration:none;">800-555-1234</span>

Plus this in my style sheet:

/* Gmail Fix */

.ii a[href] {

text-decoration:none; !important;

color: #001;

I'm not certain I need the <span> tag ... I might even be using that for another reason, or maybe it's something I tried in the past. So it may be overkill, but it works (for now).

But this did not work either. Has anyone had any success with controlling the styling on Gmail picking up phone numbers? Or even preventing Gmail picking them up in the first place?