Hey guys,
So I am currently working through some practice responsive email designing and developing since starting a new job and it's going awesome!

My design is working well in all clients when render testing, but I am hitting a snag in Lotus Notes 6.5 & 7.
I know, I know, there may even be no need to bother with these, as my boss said to me, but I won't be able to sit still until I work this out. Or atleast try and get to a point where I have done everything I can do. Just for knowledge sakes...

On the left is Lotus Notes 7, on the right is how it should look on top and how it should respond on smaller screens.
alt text

So... How can I get rid of the borders, and stop the second table which I have aligned to the left from going below.
I have read the choppyness of the rendering engine for Lotus will be effecting the result, but this then means I can't tell what is my bug, and what is a rendering bug.
I don't suppose anyone can point me to downloads of Lotus Notes 6.5 & 7 by any chance? ;)

Can find the code here: Codepen