Hi there!
So, we have two emails. Exactly the same- but different phone numbers.

I look at the test on my gmail android app (and in my gmail desktop) and in one the phone number is recognized by my device and it turns blue and is underlined. In the other, is it still clickable to make the call, however its just the regular colour that we designed it to be in the email.

Any idea why one gets recognized and the other doesnt?

The phone number that doesnt get recognized is: 1 877 XXX-XXXX

The phone number that does is: 1 800 XXX-XXXX

Do you think its because its a 1 800 number that its recognized?

However, if we fully hyphenate: 1-877-XXX-XXXX it then gets recognized.

Sidenote: is there a way to have it not get recognized and stay the same as the design incase client wants that? Would this impact desktop mobile and webmail or just some email clients?