So my company is currently using Silverpop to host and send our emails. But as of the past few months it's system has been completely screwing up my email designs and code, so much so that the people responsible for flowing in new content to templates and sending them out can barely make a single change without everything breaking and requiring me to go in and basicly do patch work to make things function.

We have determined much of this is due to when we import my code (which I do everything raw outside of Silverpop) Silverpop likes to add it's own code, much of which destroys the responsiveness I've built in or just in general makes it impossible for others to edit easily. We've already done away with using the WYSIWYG as much as possible and even resorted to editing the template outside of Silverpop and then loading it in as complete as can but but still everything breaks. And the problem is getting exponentially worse. Buttons are breaking, text isn't getting styled properly, responsive elements are breaking, the list just goes on. And this is not to mention what the system does to my beautiful code (removing notations, moving them around, destroying spacing and indentions and adding so many useless tags and such that looking at it makes me sick [as you can tell I'm very passionate about this whole thing])

I'm posting to ask if anyone else is using Silverpop and if they are encountering some of the same issues or if they have found solutions.

Or just that you share my frustration (it's nice to know you're not alone).

Let me know if anyone has had these same issues and what you may have been able to do about them.