I'm using a modified Campaign Monitor template, so I'm pretty confident that the code is sound. When tested in Litmus it looks great.

However when the emails are forwarded the design breaks in a couple of ways.

  1. Header image is displaying at full width while rest of email is scaled relatively narrow (512px wide), creating a huge white space on the right hand side.
  2. All links are broken.
  3. Both versions of the bulletproof button (mso targeted and not) are displaying.

I've scoped this email and it looks like there's a class being added to everything when it forwards. To each table cell and p tag and everything. class="MsoNormal"

Has anyone experienced a similar problem when forwarding emails? Any ideas of testing strategies or should I just accept that it will be ugly when forwarded?

The particulars in this case are a Campaign Monitor template, sent through Marketo, and forwarded through Outlook.