In our blog post on iOS 7, some users have reported problems with content duplicating in emails viewed in iOS 7.

Melissa says:

I have an issue that I'm seeing in emails on the iPhone 4 after the iOS7 update. In the bottom of emails I'm seeing snippets of code or duplicate copy (that's above in the email).

Thomas says:

We're experiencing the same problem too, specifically on iPhone 4 devices. Our newsletter averages 150kb and has a large table structures. Lots of random code appears and there visible borders on some cells.

I'm an iPhone 5 / iOS 7 user, but I've yet to encountered this issue on one of our emails or an email I've received, so it's proving a bit tricky to test. Anyone care to share screenshots or code samples?

There's also word of a possible fix on the Campaign Monitor blog, utilizing the following bit of CSS:

html, body { margin:0; padding:0; }