Hello everyone!
Quick question, our ESP has recommended one column design as being the most pleasing for mobile as it renders the best. Which we have seen in our testing, especially in gmail android app which likes to do its own thing :)

My question is that when we do have two columns and its text beside an image, thats where the issue comes in. It ends up rendering not nicely at all. The text renders down vertically leaving white space all around it and under the photo- totally killing the beautiful layout.

However, I do get emails myself (from wagjag for instance) on my android gmail app, that is two columns: text beside and image. and it renders just fine.

Is there something that we can to do work around this?

I feel like maybe there is something that can be done that we just dont know about! I see it being done, but it never tests well for us.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

PS- does anyone know of any responsive email coding courses in Ontario? (or online)