Wondering if anyone has had success using tracking codes in Constant Contact custom templates.

I learned (albeit, too late) that the older HTML template does not support any tags. The XHTML template does support tags, but only in the following format:

<Property name="Subscriber.Email"/>

This is all well and good, but the UI complains of an error in the 1 pixel tracking image, so it seems that is also a bust. I removed the offending image and sent a test, but all the tracking code was stripped from the resulting email. I'm guessing the XHTML template doesn't like the <style> tag in code, as CC has it's own field for dumping in styles. Sadly, CC only support class styles, so it chokes at the @media print declaration.

Tracking DOES work for standard HTML, except for the fact that the email field in the exported data is populated with either "width=" or "$Subscriber.Email", but not anything useful.

I started to experiment with the non-code template editor, but the thought of working with that interface and rebuilding and testing all my various email campaigns is not a road I'm ready to go down yet.

Anyone have a silver bullet?