I recently chatted with someone that mentioned wanting to include text with a strikethrough in an email. His design called for a diagonal strikethrough of a different color than the text, which leaves images as the only option for implementation. However, it got me to thinking about the best way to include and customize strikethrough text in an HTML email.

My first thought is to use the text-decoration property with a value of line-through on whatever text needs to have the strikethrough. While I haven't tested it personally, text-decoration is pretty widely supported across email clients, so I think it would work. However, there is one big problem: The text and strikethrough will be the same color, which wouldn't be ideal in certain scenarios.

One option would be to wrap the text in a span that would have the strikethrough and color them appropriately:

<span style="color: #CB4133; text-decoration: line-through;">
    <span style="color: #38444B;">This is some text</span>

So, my question is, has anyone tested something similar? Do you ever have designs that call for strikethroughs? If so, how do you typically implement them?