Update: We now have a Job Board!

You can now find email-specific jobs over at the Litmus Job Board.

Hey, everyone! I wanted to address a few questions people had about posting job opportunities to the Community.

We are working on adding a section to the Community that would allow people to both offer services and post job opportunities quickly and easily, allowing them to tap a growing pool of the best email marketers around. However, this is still in development. Until that rolls out, I'd like to open up this thread for people offering jobs, with a few guidelines.

  • Post all job openings in this thread. Do not start separate discussions offering jobs or services, they'll likely get lost in the shuffle.
  • Only post a brief descriptions and link to the full job posting on another site.
  • If members are interested in the position, please do not reply here. Follow the link and apply there.

Hopefully, by keeping job postings in this one thread, Community members can quickly find things of interest and reply appropriately. As an added bonus, the Discussions tab of Community won't get swamped with job postings (especially after the update coming to Community in the next few weeks wink ).

If you have any questions, shoot me an email at jason@litmus.com.