This isn't an email design question - because I know my design is solid and not large at all.

My double op-in emails are not always being delivered to Gmail addresses. I've noticed my conversion rate dropping stedily over the last 12 months but every thing I've checked has been fine.

  • We don't show up in the social or promotions tab - everytime I test we are in the main tab in Gmail
  • Bounce rates are hovering around 1% for gmail specifically - thats based on about 8 Million emails sent.

The only reason I know people aren't recieving it are complaints to our helpdesk - which means that people REALLY want this email. They wouldn't reach out if they didn't. 80% of "I did not recieve my confirmation email" complaints are for Gmail. So I KNOW something is wrong - but I can't figure it out.

If anyone has suggestions on what to try looking into next - that'd be great.