Hey everyone

We’re having an issue in Outlook 2013 with the "bulletproof" background image technique in the header of the a template. The template uses http://backgrounds.cm/ and our header can be variable hight depending what content is contained within it.

Litmus Test and Source Code

As you can see the next table row after the header is rendering behind the table row with the VML markup in it in 2013 only and we’ve not been able to figure out how to solve this. Things we’ve tried:

  • Adding xmlns:v="..." and xmlns:o="..." along with <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> to the <html> and <head>
  • Removing align="..." and valign="..." attributes form the nested tables
  • Applying mso-line-height-rule: exactly; to the divs / elements
  • Closing the main layout <table>’s and opening new ones after the header row.

Any help at all would be appreciated! Thanks very much.