Hello Community Members,

I applied a dashed border inline style to a nested table to mimic a coupon:

style="border: 4px dashed #ffffff;"

The white dashed border renders in Oultlook 2007, 2010 and 2013, but instead of the background color(dark gray) of the parent table showing in between the dashes, black shows instead! So the dashed border appears as white, black, white, black and so forth around the content.

In Andriod and Gmail app, the vertical left and right border is streached as a solid line and the horizontal top and bottom borders shows as horizontal blurs. Yikes!. Guess dashed borders dont work fot Android.

Has anyone else experienced the same render issue with dashed borders?

I heared dotted borders work better so I'll try that as a fallback, but not sure the client will go for it.