This might be something extremely elementary that I should already know, but I always thought that when coding an image you need to enter the exact height and width. However I was just conducting a training and one of the attendees said that I was doing it wrong. I should put zero for the height and width so when people who don't have their images turned on they will only see a very little box with an 'X' and not a box the size of the image. This is because if they only see the big box with a red 'X' they won't go any further in the email and just delete it. I let them know that people are really good about being used to scrolling and would most likely just know to scroll down for more. But they did not agree and said it was an email best practice.

I would love if y'all had a link to an article that provided backup to either way that I can share with them.

Thanks so much!