Hey guys, got a request from the Outlook Team. They are looking to address our qualms with Outlook rendering and would like to start with examples of bad outlook rendering and high priority HTML/CSS support.

For this thread I'd like to focus on examples of broken emails. See this other thread for the HTML/CSS discussion.

When you come across emails that are broken only in Outlook:

  • Do a screencap of the email breaking in Outlook next to a one of the email looking fine in another client (You can host it on imgur and post it here using the markdown ![](http://image-url))

  • Explain briefly what you feel is causing it. If this was caused by EAS, please note it as well.

  • Provide the source if possible using Litmus Builder or CodePen

If you have prior examples of your OWN designs breaking just in Outlook, feel free to include it as well - just to demonstrate how hard it is to get it things right for outlook.

I'm aware of the ACID test, and will send it over to the team but I think real examples work best to demonstrate the problems.