Hey guys, got a ping from the Outlook Team. They are looking to address our qualms with Outlook rendering and would like to start with two requests - examples of bad outlook rendering and high priority HTML/CSS support.

This will only be about the Desktop and Universal Outlook versions and not Outlook.com/365 or the current Windows Mobile Outook client.

I would like to dedicate this thread to high priority and nice to have HTML tags and quirks. See this other thread for posting examples of broken emails in Outlook.

When posting list them under these headings (in order of priority):

  • High Priority Outlook HTML/CSS support
    (ie. div/block element width/height/display/overflow support, CSS background-image support, table background)
    Perhaps a good place to start: http://www.email-standards.org/clients/microsoft-outlook-2007

  • High Priority Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) HTML/CSS support
    (ie. ???)

  • Nice to have
    (ie. pseudoclass support, forms, absolute positioning, WebFonts, media queries (for Universal Outlook)).

  • Common Outlook slip-ups
    Outlook specific quirks that often cause problems in your designs

I'm also aware of some previous efforts in this area and will incorporate them into my response:

By the way, I KNOW the answer is "Just render emails in a browser like Outlook 2003 or Outlook for Mac" but just trying to establish some goodwill here :)