Rant commencing in 3-2-1

Hey email community! Could we stop making Apple Watch a thing and hacking our emails to fit on it? Ever time I hear “Apple Watch email” in a tweet or FB post I’m like over here in the corner losing my religion... (wait for it). Do we REALLY care, or even worse desire, to have email squeeze into a 1.32 inch display?

Lets start with adoption. We pretty much knew ahead of time mobile was going to be a thing. Was anyone all that shocked that people were checking emails on their phones in droves? That said, they're PHONES that actually have enough relative screen size to represent a graphical presentation of something. Do I have that same 'this is the future of email' twinkle feeling about reading emails on a watch. Nope.

Does it make sense to promote email for watches as a thing? Who in their right mind will want to endlessly scroll through your now enormously vertically long email? Ok, so you want to target the watch specifically? Well that's you prerogative but I hope its one line a text and a button. Well crap, maybe all email should be one line of text and a button.

I get… that we get… all warm and fuzzy over new technology and as more people are now in email - on their way up that dev ladder - things like this will peak our interests.

But for god's sake can we stop making Apple Watch a thing? Can we wait to we at least have non anecdotal evidence this will become adopted in the real world and not the Manhattan/San Francisco world?

/rant over... ready for my spanking.