So, I really need a answer to a topic my colleague and I have been racking our brains with for the last two days. We test our email templates with Litmus etc and they all work tickety boo, but our clients use our CMS to edit these email templates, insert/edit content excetera.

The issue being we have clients who place 2000px wide images into our templates, we re-code these images to 100% so they fit inside the containg table, however, OUTLOOK (the wonder that it is) blow the images back up to 2000px. Destroying all layouts and on a very large screen, it looks insane.

Is there ANYWAY around this? We've been trying everything and have racked up 14hrs each now, so much so that we're contemplating buying flights to Bill Gate's house and asking him what the (insert expletive).

Please help and end our worries, are wasting our time?

Best Regards,

Another Email Template Desperado