I know that the issues regarding centre-aligned content have been discussed extensively (below), but I'm finding that although I'm able to rectify the left/centre alignment problem, I'm still experiencing an issue whereby no background colors are appearing in my email on Yahoo. This has been mentioned in passing in some of the threads below, but never touched on in detail which makes me think that other people aren't experiencing it, or that it should be fixed as part of my "table-layout: fixed; margin: 0 auto" fix.

Unfortunately it's not the case for me, and I'm finding that not only is the background color not showing on the wrapping table - which I can live with - it's also not showing on my bulletproof buttons throughout the table. With white text on a dark background colour, this is rendering my CTA useless.

I've so far tested this personally in Firefox, Chrome and Safari and found it to be the case. My Litmus test in Chrome also backs this up, although the Explorer test renders perfectly (Yahoo on Firefox test hasn't been running for me for some time now).

Background color is being set on the table with both the bgcolor="" and as an inline-style.

Any help or experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Scout.