I'm starting out developing html emails. Just downloaded html boilerplate from http://www.emailology.org/

I noticed that it has some attribute selectors specific for a yahoo at various places in the code.

e.g Line: 140 in boilerplate_comments.html

body[yahoo] #container1 {display:block !important} /* example style /
body[yahoo] p {font-size: 10px} /
example style /
You must use attribute selectors in your media queries to prevent Yahoo from rendering these styles.

We added a yahoo attribute in the body tag to complete this fix.

However the following article: http://www.emailonacid.com/blog/details/C13/stopyahoomailfromrenderingyourmediaqueries states that these are now fixed.

As I'm fairly new to this - are there any better / more up to date boilerplate style emails out there to work from?