Hi all,

I've done quite a bit of research on the fluid table/responsive topic for Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013. I found a few hacks for implementing a max-width and for a while it was working, then randomly stopped being read by Outlook.

The email itself is built using tables and minimal css. Goal is to have the emails render at 700px wide on a white body background while different sections of the email content will have colored backgrounds. This setup MUST be fluid and resize to fit a screen size as small as 320px.

The issue:
The emails look great across all email clients except Outlook 07, 10, and 13. In these, the max-width of 700px gets ignored and the email goes full width. I've tried different hacks I've found on forums including stackoverflow and nothing seems to be working. About a week ago they were sizing to 700px in those Outlook years, and without editing the code, Outlook started rendering at full width again.

Our email marketing system is Marketo.

Any information would be great. This has been an ongoing battle for us for a few weeks now and needs to be closed out for our clients to use the emails.

-Ben Wojnarowicz