Hey folks,

I have some code here that will not render properly in Outlook (on PC, haven't tried max) only. It's web preview, litmus builder, dreamweaver and "View in Browser" link versions are all displaying as they should, but outlook is trying to break to the responsive query too soon and or the tables that I have used for spacing are pushing it out causing it to go one line down.

How it should look

Outlook break

If you look at the code there's 2 tables that are next to each other, that have buttons and text under them. I need them to collapse on top of one another at the first break and maintain proper spacing from the edge of the white space and each other.

My CSS contains a "sthide" class on the tables in question and when it hit's that first media query they are to hide/display:none !Important; but it's the only way I was able to figure getting things to line up as I want them to. If anyone can take a look it would be greatly appreciated. Again remember the issue is how it renders in outlook only.'

Attached is the code in question. I have made somewhat of a solution, but I am not satisfied with it which I will attach also.

Here's the code:

Thanks anyone that takes a stab.