Very recently started coding - about a month into it. Learning alot everyday and am pretty good at generally figuring out the issues and from trial and error + google can get through what I need to do. This week was asked to code an internal newsletter and I have hit a brick wall. Since our internal client is Outlook 2013 is has to work perfectly on this and this only really.

So I did a lot of research into coding for outlook because I knew it was a really difficult program to code for. I have tried to code the whole thing using tables, avoided using divs and floats etc. There are two instances where I have used cellpadding instead of tablerows and columns to seperate things, in the Sales & Projects section and in the Upcoming Seminars bit.

This is just a barebones draft getting the template right before I focus on the content but I am running into issues when it renders in outlook to send and have no idea what I can do to fix it.

I apologise for the shambles I have written and appreciate any and all help/advice on what I can do to fix the code or make life easier for myself.

The code itself:

What it looks like in outlook: