Hello folks;

I'm coding an extremely simple webcomic updates email bulletin (using TinyLetter, specifically). It needs exactly 4 things in it:

  1. A heading with the title and date of the update
  2. A link to view the update
  3. An image preview, the same file as is being used for og:image and similar
  4. The info/unsubscribe footer, of course (this is auto-generated by TinyLetter)

I've taken a few days to research coding emails, and it's been thoroughly impressed upon me that HTML emails are a blighted hellscape of redundant markup, nested tables, and hostile clients that make IE6 look like a modern browser.

I was wondering, for my simple email, how much of the heavyweight techniques would I really need to bring out? It would be just a simple one-column design across all screen sizes. Would something like the following be okay?

      <h1>Update Title - January 1st, 20XX</h1>
      <p><a href="http://example.org/" target="_blank">Read update &gt;</a><p>
      <p><img src="http://example.org/image.png" alt="A short description of the image contents"
                     height="500" width="500" /></p>

I would include some style attributes to normalize the formatting a bit, of course. Mostly I'm just wondering if the triple-nested tables I see in even the most basic email boilerplates should be hauled out for something that appeals to basic HTML behavior like this.