Does anyone know of a easy to use newsletter builder (similar to MailChimp builder, Stamplia, Litmus builder, etc) that integrates with ExactTarget/Salesforce Marketing Cloud? We have a ton of things going out and the majority of them does not need the personal touch of someone coding each one.

The built-in wysiwyg causes huge issues with any design due to the ton of HTML it adds in. We'll ignore the fact that there are some basic things you can't do with it. I have tried the Content Canvas/Content Builder (beta?) but it's basically the same thing as what they have now except you can drag and drop content boxes. It still uses the same editor that breaks designs. I'll ignore the performance and design issues that can be fixed.

Any ideas? I have asked Stamplia if they are planning to integrate to ET and got a "we'll look into it". Most editors seem to be tied to an ESP service. Ie, BeeFree linked to MailUp. Stamplia looked to be the only one I can find that isn't specifically tied to a service (and therefore hopefully won't be opposed to integrating with ET).