Hi there,

I am happily moving on to a new position in a company which requires more of a councelling role. I am really excited about this because it gives me a golden opportunity to create what I preach.
So obviously I will be talking to companies about the state of emails in 2015 and what impact it might have if they change a few things to better suit the current state. My initial thought is to meet up and talk about changes, then implement them. Export some statistics on the performance on their old emails to get a starting point, and then see how the new emails perform after a certain time period. Gather the information and make changes accordingly, and then continue this process periodically.

So people who does somewhat the same, what are your experiences in this? Any tips and tricks along the way? Any do's and don'ts?
What information do you guys need before you can get a clear picture of what needs to change?

Thanks in advance