Hi All,
I know that this a has been discussed a couple of times (https://litmus.com/community/code/1136-alt-text-in-outlook-fluid-images-in-gmail) but I am a relative novice so still I don't really understand how to get around it.
I designed a simple [fluid] template to work with the supplied creative we recieve from clients. Most of the time, the supplied creative is sliced up images (bad I know), with no responsive or fluid elelments.. In order to do that, I remove the height and width from all images - but this prevents the alt text from appearing in Outlook 2007/10/13, which is even worse!

Is it actually possible to have a fluid design and a solution to show the alt text in Outlook 2007/10/13? All the fixes I tried just distort the images (esp. Gmail app)

Here is the web version: http://view.edm.shopadocket.com.au/?j=fec9117874650779&m=fe9012717266037876&ls=fe6d16717667067f7616&l=ff2f10747067&s=fe961c707167057b76&jb=ffcf14&ju=fe58157572600c797613&r=0

And the Litmus test: https://litmus.com/pub/a2f77f8

Thanks in advance.