Hi There,

I'm trying to work out a list of supported devices and email clients that my team should test on before we send an email. We set up a litmus beacon to track opens and we're thinking the cut off should be around 2%, that is, we'll only support clients if we see more than 2% our of emails being opened on that client. The data I have suggests that a 2% cut off for clients and versions would have us testing with this list:

Apple iPhone - iOS 7, iOS 6
Gmail - Using Google Cache
Apple iPad - iOS 7
Apple Mail - Apple Mail 7
Google Android - 4

I'm interested to know how other teams are working out this list. Is 2% based on clients and versions sufficient? Is anyone else noticing that Outlook 2000-2003 is more popular than Outlook 2013? Are you supporting Outlook? If so, why?

Thanks in advance!