Working on my first responsive design and this the last bug I'm trying to fix. It only occurs for any Google/Gmail client (Gmail in desktop browsers, Gmail android app, Android 2.3, Android 4.2) so hopefully you all recognize it and and can tell me what's up.

I've got a three column setup with three images of equal width, but with this bug the middle image is always taller than the left/right images. Here's what it should look like on desktop and mobile:

How it should look on desktop How it should look on mobile

And here are some variations of how it looks in different Google clients. Sometimes it's only slightly off, othertimes it's all sorts of wrong.

Wrong Wrong

Essentially this is a 5 column table with the padding between the images as columns 2 and 4. If you need to see the code I'll drop it in but if you recognize this isssue (only for Google related clients) let me know. And I'm not worried about the text wrapping at this time, this is essentially placeholder copy.