Deep links in email. There's got to be a good way to execute them right?

We've been looking into adding more social (esp. Pinterest) functionality to some of our content-based emails. As many of you can relate, our mobile customer base is on the rise, so I want to implement this so it provides a smooth user experience regardless of platform. On mobile/tablet, this means deep linking our "Pin It" links into the Pinterest app is a must. Opening Pinterest in a browser and having to login is just too clunky and we might as well hide the Pin It buttons via media queries (an option I'd like to overcome).

Problem is I've found no good resource for accomplishing this through code alone. There are partners out there like Moveable Ink that can support device detection and swap in the appropriate link dynamically. The idea of changing links with media queries has come up on here before, but it seemed there was little support. The syntax for app-enabled linking is pretty straightforward, I just need a good way to serve them up.

Thoughts? Things you've tried? How are others experimenting with or implementing social sharing to Pinterest from email?