Hey guys,

I am building a email to promote webinars, but this is not important. What is important that there are a couple of coding issues I can't seem to fix.
I need to tell you though that I am not an designer, just an email marketer who is trying to do the designer job also. I mainly try to repurpose existing stable templates to fit my needs instead of completely writing my own. Of course I can screw things up easily.

The email in question is actually based on one of Litmus' email template but I made some modifications.

Here is the code: http://snipsave.com/user/profile/balintsipos#10294 (sorry couldn't embed a Builder link)

The problem I have is on mobile gmail and there are several parts of it. I'll attach screenshots so you see the problem.

Problem One:
The header doesn't strech all the way and it is aligned to the left for some reason. http://prntscr.com/66eker

Problem Two:
Now there are several things wrong here. http://prntscr.com/66el4p

  • The top image is squished though it should be just scaled down.
  • The social media icons have pretty much the same issue I think than the header.
  • While the footer does not have any major issue it could use some padding on gmail.

Are there any other obvious mistakes?
Can you please help me fix these issues?

I don't think they are too difficult to fix, especially for someone properly trained in the HTML arts :)

Any comments/help is massively appreciated.


edit: ah one last thing. Can any of you tell me why the imported 'Gotham A' font (using the <link> method) doesn't seem to work? I clearly remember it worked before and I don't think I have touched that, but now I think it skips to Helvetica. Very annoying.