Hi all, i've been testing and looking at various forums but can't seem to find the answer.. or in fact if it's even a problem but..

My email is 600px wide, it will later on in development become responsive but i'm just testing desktop at the moment.

When i run the Litmus tests Gmail in all browsers seems to crop the email on the right hand edge. According to this https://litmus.com/help/email-clients/platforms/ screen shots are captured at 1024x768. When i look in my own gmail i am able to see the entire email but i'm on a much larger screen.

Is Gmail doing something weird to my email because i have this <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">

Also i'm not sure if Gmail web clients support media queries.. i think it's a no.

I've tested the Litmus Video Bg Demo which does have a table set to 600px and it displays fine: https://litmus.com/pub/e7e91c8/results#gmailnew-full_on

Any ideas how i can get my entire 600px email to appear correctly in Gmail web clients if a user is on 1024x768

Thanks in advance!