Has anyone found good workarounds for the rendering in Mailbox App on iOS 7? It seems to change rendering slightly with each release and they haven't honored media queries for layout in quite a while.

There are two significant issues that I have to work around:

  • Tables all run full width so text runs flush into the edges of the app.
  • Without images that are sized larger than the viewport no zoom is enabled so tables that are sized higher than the viewport cause horizontal scrolling.

My Current Workarounds

My solution for the text edges has been to use 3 cells within content wrapping tables, with a 10px spacing cell on each side of the content. Like so http://codepen.io/dandenney/pen/rDEgI

I don't have a solution for the horizontal scrolling, so I'm just lucky that the bulk of my messages have large images.

Example Images

flush text Horizontal Scroll