We've had a "Cruise Price Drop" campaign running for over a year now. Subs create alerts from criteria like destination, cabin type, cruise line and departure port. You can sign up for any number of alerts -- which seems to be at the crux of the issue (html file size). But we were okay with potential truncation issues and overall engagement is solid.

For two weeks now, multi-alert Yahoo subs have told us their Price Drop email comes in word blob form. In several tests examining especially long emails, rendering looked fine ... until I clicked on the "this message has been truncated. show full message." link.

Then the blob materialized, starting with:

#yiv1771836406 .yiv1771836406appleLinks a {color:#000000;text-decoration:none;} #yiv1771836406 div, #yiv1771836406 p, #yiv1771836406 a, #yiv1771836406 li, #yiv1771836406 td {} Top Price Drops*

Image #1: http://c3270052.r52.cf0.rackcdn.com/rendering-in-inbox.jpg
Image #2: http://c3270052.r52.cf0.rackcdn.com/rendering-after-hitting-truncation-link.jpg

The only change we made was adding a gmail specific code snippet to the head tag (so the photo of choice shows up in Gmail's promotion tab). I took it out, retestested and still have the truncation issue.

We're stumped. Happy to supply extra code if anyone has seen this.