I just noticed in testing a new HTML email template that all of my tests sent to GMail accounts are respecting my CSS type styles (as declared via embedded CSS rules). I've found next to zero documentation of this and even the GMail tests simulated via Litmus are not showing my CSS-styled text.

I am hesitant to actually code an email blast using this more efficient approach (vs inline styles) until I can confirm that GMail has definitely changed how they pre-process inbound HTML email.

Just for the record, I am defining styles for body, p, h4, and li tags, and am not defining any specific classes beyond that, and I've placed the < style > declarations first thing inside the < body > tag instead of inside the < head >. This seems to be working for me...

Are other people also seeing this? GMail used to strip everything but the most basic inline CSS. Has anyone seen Google document this change anywhere?