Nothing earth shattering here, just sharing something interesting that I learned from looking at newsletter performance throughout 2014. I work for Code Schoool, which is a digital product where people can learn how to code via video and browser-based challenges. Newsletters may contain new releases or promotions, but they're mostly a recap of everything released throughout the month.

How our open rate and clicks per unique relate
It's not exact, but for the most part the two percentages seem to have an inverse relationship. We all know blasts aren't efficient, but this helped solidify that idea for our customers. It seems that the more people that open the email, the lesser chance that we were sharing something that they were interested enough to click on. (Overall click rate stayed pretty flat but that metric means very little to me.)

What will this change? Not much, immediately. Recaps feel like a good idea, but it indicates that pushing further into personalization is the best way to make sure that we are sending messages that people are interested in.

Plotted Percentages
graph of performance

Actual Percentages with Variance