Its been revealed that Windows 10 will include a redesigned Outlook email client. It will be a universal app across all platforms. It has also been announced that it will be the default email client in Windows 10, replacing the current calendar and email Metro apps in Windows 8/8.1.

Not much information on the Outlook client itself currently, but an interesting note in the article was reference to the Microsoft Word engine. Something which is already in use on the desktop client, but isn't part of the Outlook Mobile client on Windows Phone currently, as it has used IE Mobile for rendering since Windows Phone 7.

While Windows Central mentions formatting, I would take that as perhaps the rendering engine as well, but its too early to tell at this point. If it does turn out to be Microsoft Word for rendering email, I am both happy and sad to hear this news. Happy for consitency across the three platforms and sad because, well.. Microsoft Word, enough said really, if its anything like the Desktop currently, oh dear.

I'll be getting my hands on a build of Windows 10 Technical Preview and of Windows Phone 10 (Which will likely be branded as just Windows 10) when they are released through the Windows Insider programme. Currently Microsoft does not have a public build available that contains the Office touch apps, and the preview for phones build has not yet been released but should be dropping sometime in February.