Hi folks,
I have a basic email with <td> containing images, very basic.
As you can see from the snippet below, the code already contains (I hope so -_-") all the basic fixes to avoid unwanted gaps between images.
Everything is fine in all clients...except Outlook.com, where the email is showing gaps between tables. Find below a resume of my various attempts:
1. CSS in head:
table td {border-collapse: collapse;}
2. CSS inline for each table containing images:
<table..style="border-collapse: colllapse;">

Appling #1 and #2 fixes the gaps'width became lower, but still remaining.

Further attempts:
3. <td....border-collapse: collapse;> for each <td> containig an image;
4. Added align absbottom in the image element - or- Added align texttop to the image element
5. Added line-height 10px or lower in the containing TD

Unfortunately, after all these attempts, the email still has white gaps between each table (notable thing: in the test run through Litmus and oher testing tools, the email looks fine)...anyone can help me?

Code: https://litmus.com/builder/65b3fe1

Where am I wrong? Any ideas how can I fix this problem?