In the geolocation report from an e-mail we sent out the 12th of January we surprisingly found that we had 647 opens from Japan (out of a total of around 24,000 opens), which is a bit strange as all our e-mails are in Danish and we are only doing business in Denmark.
I therefore exported the data to a csv-file and found that all the so-called "Japenese openers" all had very Danish e-mail-adresses. The thing they all had in common though, was that they all used Outlook 2000-2003. We had a total of 1,884 opens in Outlook 2000-2003 and out of these 647 should apparently be from Japan.

There must be some kind of bug/error happening here. Does anyone have any idea what could have happened? I'm 99,9999(etc) % sure that we don't have 647 Japanese subscribers with Danish e-mails adresses, so something must be wrong.

Best regards,
Johannes Ørskov,