Why You Should Attend Litmus Live

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Looking for this year’s Litmus Live?

Litmus Live (formerly known as The Email Design Conference) brings the email community together to celebrate their craft and give email professionals a platform to learn, share, and grow. With sessions covering everything from marketing strategy to innovative email development techniques and production processes, you’ll take away actionable advice that will have immediate impact.

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When we started planning Litmus Live, we made it our goal to not be “just another email conference.” We wanted it to be the first event of its kind: an event focused on the experience of email—creating and receiving it. And, we wanted it to be amazing.


We’re very proud of the fact that we’re single-handedly sponsoring this conference. Paul, our CEO & Co-Founder, put it perfectly:

Presentations at Litmus Live will be focused solely on good content. There won’t be any sales pitches, filters or pay-to-play presentations—just relevant, forward-thinking, direct content.

Bob Frady recently penned a post explaining why email conferences ‘suck,’ saying “when you are tied too closely to sponsors, you eliminate anyone who might say anything that pisses off a sponsor.” Our speakers don’t have to filter their content in fear of what our sponsors may say because we don’t have any! Presentations will be full of inspiration, best practices, and plenty of how-tos.


We set out months ago to find the industry’s best to speak at our conferences. After combing through countless speaker submissions, we feel honored to have so many email rockstars joining us.

The common thread running through each of these individuals is that they are practitioners of email creation—you’ll be hearing from people that have hands-on experience with email, not just a bunch of talking heads.

Check out speaker bios and session descriptions for each city:


Swapping ideas with like-minded practitioners is an invaluable aspect of attending events. To encourage this interaction, we have set aside time for networking on both days of the conferences:

  • Topic stickers affix to your badge and indicate areas of interest—just keep an eye out for fellow attendees who share your passion.
  • Join your favorite topic table during lunch on day one to discuss industry trends, tackle problems and brainstorm new ideas.
  • Raise a glass to your fellow attendees and speakers during the fabulous evening event on day one.
  • Rant, rave, pitch and bitch during soapbox sessions during lunch on day two. Sign up for a 5-minute slot—the audience is captive, and the mic is yours!

Sign up for a Soapbox spot in San FranciscoLondon or Boston.


Even though the conference has “design” in the title, it will be about much more than graphics: You’ll learn about how to improve the experience of email and make your emails better for your team and your customers—so they get better results.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet other designers, marketers, and strategists who are all focused on producing great-performing emails for their companies and clients.

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