Why does anyone still use IE6?

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Digg recently ran a survey of their remaining IE6 users. The results are fascinating. The main reason people still use IE6 is because they have no choice.

Chart showing IE6 usage reasons

Source: Digg IE6 survey

As you can see from Digg’s survey results, 76% of people aren’t able to upgrade from IE6 because of restrictions beyond their control. That doesn’t bode well for web designers. It seems likely these people’s situations will not change any time soon.

Digg are taking an interesting route with their IE6 support in future. For IE6 users they’re making it possible to view content on their site, but not to interact with it. So you can read the stories, but not log in, vote, comment, and so on.

This isn’t dissimilar to how we handle IE6 support within Litmus. We don’t actively test our application on IE6, but we do make sure that published test results are viewable on IE6. Our thinking is that there are no professional web designers using IE6, so there’s no reason our application needs to be perfectly compatible. However it is somewhat likely that designers’ clients may be using IE6, and therefore any published test results need to be compatible with IE6.

Perhaps you can cut down on the functionality offered to IE6 users on your site, but still allow them to access the most important content?