Where do GMX and WEB.DE users open email? [Infographic]

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Nearly 54% of emails in Germany are opened in GMX or WEB.DE. If you’re based in Germany or its surrounding regions, or you’re emailing subscribers based in that area, then understanding how your emails display in those clients is critical.

But, where are these webmail users opening their emails? Are they using the client’s web interface, or are they opening on a mobile browser?

Users of free web-based email services, like GMX and WEB.DE, typically have IMAP access to their messages, making their email accessible from virtually any email client they choose.

Breaking down GMX and WEB.DE opens will help you identify optimization efforts in those clients. For example, if the majority of your WEB.DE opens are occurring in iOS or Apple Mail, which both have great support for HTML and CSS, then you don’t have as much to worry about. However, if they’re opening in Gmail, then inlining your CSS is a must.

To dive deep into GMX and WEB.DE opens, we analyzed over 1.2 million opens from webmail accounts to examine the behavior and preferences of their users.

Check out the infographic, or read the transcription below.


Where do GMX and WEB.DE users open email?

Founded in 1988, United Internet AG is one of Germany’s leading ISPs, and the parent company of numerous webmail clients. Two of United Internet’s most popular clients—GMX and WEB.DE—offer free webmail services.

Users of free webmail services, like GMX or WEB.DE, can choose to view email messages in a browser, using a smartphone or tablet, or even in a desktop mail client like Apple Mail or Microsoft’s Outlook. So, with all of these choices, where are these German webmail users opening their email?


39% of GMX users read email on mobile devices. The majority of these mobile opens—79%—take place on iPhone and iPad, while 21% occur on Android devices.

Popular mail clients for GMX users

  • GMX webmail: 33%
  • Apple iPhone: 23%
  • Apple Mail: 9%
  • Google Android: 8%
  • Outlook: 8%

Breakdown by environment

  • 23% of GMX users open on desktop
  • 39% of GMX users open on mobile
  • 38% of GMX users open in a browser

GMX opens on desktop

Emails opened by GMX accounts on desktop clients only account for 23% of total GMX opens—the majority of which is in Apple Mail or Outlook.

  • Apple Mail: 38%
  • Outlook: 35%
  • Other: 27%

GMX opens on mobile

The majority of emails opened on GMX accounts occur in mobile devices, with the Apple iPhone being the most popular device.

  • Apple iPhone: 61%
  • Google Android: 21%
  • Apple iPad: 18%

GMX opens in a browser

87% of GMX webmail opens—and 33% of total GMX opens—take place in their web interface.

  • GMX webmail: 87%
  • Windows Live Mail: 6%
  • Gmail: 6%
  • Outlook.com: 1%


The majority of WEB.DE users—57%—are reading their emails in the provider’s browser interface. The Apple iPhone and Apple Mail are also popular among WEB.DE users.

Popular mail clients for WEB.DE users

  • WEB.DE webmail: 57%
  • Apple iPhone: 16%
  • Apple Mail: 6%
  • Apple iPad: 5%
  • Google Android: 5%

Breakdown by environment

  • 13% of WEB.DE users open on desktop
  • 26% of WEB.DE users open on mobile
  • 61% of WEB.DE users open in a browser

WEB.DE opens on desktop

Similar to GMX, the majority of WEB.DE users who open on desktop use Apple Mail.

  • Apple Mail: 46%
  • Outlook: 29%
  • Other: 25%

WEB.DE opens on mobile

26% of WEB.DE users open their email on mobile devices. 81% of these mobile opens occur on Apple iPhone or iPhone.

  • Apple iPhone: 61%
  • Apple iPad: 20%
  • Google Android: 19%

WEB.DE opens in a browser

A whopping 93% of WEB.DE webmail opens occur in the WEB.DE web interface.

  • WEB.DE webmail: 93%
  • Gmail: 4%
  • Windows Live Mail: 2%
  • GMX webmail: 1%

*Data in this infographic is based on opens from Litmus Email Analytics. A random sample of over 1.2 million web-based email opens between May and April 2015 formed the basis of the analysis. Some email clients and mobile devices may be over- or under-represented due to image blocking.

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