We’ve had a great response to CSSVista

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I’ve just been looking through Technorati et al to get a feel for how people are responding to CSSVista. Word seems to be spreading fast, and lots of people have had great things to say about it. A little selection…

“Well if ever there was a useful web site design application CSSVista has to be one of THE most useful. [It] might not look like much to the uninitiated but to web site designers this is probably more useful than sliced bread. Really!” – The Bomb Site

“…you can fix all the little annoyances as you go instead of the ‘edit-save-preview-grumble-edit-save-preview-throw something’ cycle you may know all too well.” – Blatherin’ Blatherskites!

“OK, now this makes CSS a whole lot more fun! Something about being able to edit CSS live and on the fly just makes me all weak in the ankles.” – Lockergnome

“Go grab yourself a copy and give it a whirl. I think this liitle application has some great potential! :)” – nathanpitman.com

“Here’s a helluva useful webtool for us designers… pretty slick.” – ForgetFoo

“CSSVista is one of the coolest free products I’ve come across in recent months.” – Digital Media Minute

“Possible step towards resolving cross browser compatibilty issues for webpage designs? I think so.” – Uneasy Silence

“No more switching back and forth when developing a site!” – Forty Something
CSSBeauty also linked to us, and we’re currently second on the del.icio.us popular list!

Thanks to everyone who has linked to, bookmarked and talked about CSSVista over the last couple of days.