We’re up and running!


Today we’ve launched SiteVista. It’s not quite public yet, more of a “pre-launch” – at present only people who have been given a promotional code can sign up. If you haven’t got a promotional code, but would like to try out SiteVista, just email me. We’ve done this to limit the number of users, so we can scale up gradually as more people come on board.

As I really should have anticipated, everything has gone wrong at the last minute. The Apple Mac browsers, speed tests and a couple of other features aren’t available just yet. As soon as they’re stable we’ll add them. We’re also slowly adding more testing machines, so you’ll notice a speed increase as time goes on.

We keep saying it, but we genuinely do really want to hear feedback from you. What do you like? What don’t you like? What extra features would you like to see added?

Finally, just to clarify, SiteVista will be a paid service when we launch fully in a few weeks time. The price will be around $29 per month for unlimited testing. There’s no charge during this pre-launch period – you’ll be given the option to sign up for a paid subscription when the pre-launch period is over (there’s no obligation to though). We’ll be offering a discount to our pre-launch users.

We both really hope you enjoy using SiteVista!