We’ll fix your sites to work in IE7

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Also coming very soon (in the next week or so), we’re going to be offering a new service where we’ll update your web sites to be compatible with IE7. It’ll be done at a fixed price, and within a fixed timescale (probably within 48 hours). This will be aimed primarily at sites which are standards-compliant, in order to keep our prices very reasonable.

If you’re a web designer with a portfolio of clients whose sites will need to be tweaked for compatibility, this may be a very cost-effective way of getting their sites fixed, without sapping your time, and whilst still making a profit for yourself. We envisage we’ll be working mainly with designers, fixing sites on behalf of their own clients, but we’re also happy to work with the site owners directly.

We’ll also be happy to work on more complex projects, such as web applications, where more work may be required. If you’d be interested in being one of the first people to work with us on this, drop us a line: hello@sitevista.com.