WeddingWire Inspires With Personalized, Dynamic Emails (& They’re Responsive!)

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With 25% of people unsubscribing from emails due irrelevant content, it’s important to make sure you are designing your email with the subscriber in mind. When I came across this email from WeddingWire (thanks to Matt Byrd for sending them over!), a wedding and event company, I was immediately impressed with the personalization of the email and how relevant the content is to the subscriber. I was further impressed by the fact that the email is responsive, which makes it easy for the subscriber to interact with no matter which environment they are reading the email in. Way to go, WeddingWire!


This an automated message that goes out to WeddingWire members. The email provides a checklist of helpful WeddingWire tools that the subscriber has access to, such as an Appointment Schedule and a Video Builder. This checklist is completely dynamic based on whether they have turned the the tools on in their account, and based on the amount of money that they’ve earned towards their renewal date. In fact, there are over 9,000 different potential combinations of this email — wow! Between the dynamic, personalized content and the helpful tools, this email takes relevant content to the next level!

The additional information (besides the checklist) in the email is also pertinent information for the subscriber — contacting their dedicated Customer Success Manager. By placing this CTA twice in the email (once at the top of the email and once at the bottom), WeddingWire is helping to build a relationship with their subscribers by emphasizing that they are there to assist with any questions that they may have. Creating trust with your subscribers is extremely important and this is a great aspect of the email.


The responsive design of this email scales the email & increases the text size on mobile devices so that it is easy to read and interact with on smaller screens.

In addition, when viewed on a screen 480px wide or less, numerous elements of the email are hidden to optimize viewing on a small screen. All of the text and imaging above the heading, “Get ready for engagement season!”, has been removed from the email. This includes the logo, social sharing links, the preheader text, and the link to view the email as a web page. In addition, at the bottom of the email, the image of a headset has been hidden. By removing these elements in the mobile version, WeddingWire is able to limit the text/imagery to only include pertinent elements. However, WeddingWire should have left their logo in both versions of the email to maintain branding regardless of which environment the email was being read on.


Another great attribute of this email is how optimized it is for images-off viewing.

Since WeddingWire uses live text throughout the email (and a bulletproof button!), the email remains completely legible and easy to interact with regardless of whether images are disabled or not. The hierarchy is still present and so is all of the pertinent information. This is a major advantage since numerous email clients block images by default. I would suggest adding some ALT text, though, especially on the logo at the top of the email.


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