Webinar: Mobile Email (Why, What, and How)

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Thanks to everyone that joined my webinar on Tuesday! With 43% of emails now being opened on a mobile device, it’s important to understand the options available for making emails that render well and perform better.

I covered a lot of ground in an hour:

  • Various mobile email design approaches: responsive, fluid, scalable and aware
  • Implications of various screen sizes and operating systems
  • How to find out who is opening your emails on mobile (hint: Litmus’ Email Analytics!)
  • Foundations for mobile-friendly emails
  • Support for media queries
  • Lots of examples, and much more!

Keep reading for links to our favorite mobile email resources, including all the example emails used in the presentation.


Missed the webinar? Want to watch it again? Be our guest:


You can view all the slides, too:


Most of the emails I used during the examples section are linked to below:

Brand Approach
Whole Foods Aware
LinkedIn Fluid
TigerDirect Scalable
Indochino Scalable w/ responsive elements
Gilt Responsive/Adaptive
Shopbop Responsive/Adaptive
Net-a-porter Responsive/Adaptive
Oxford University Press Responsive/Adaptive
Redbox Responsive/Adaptive
Groupon Aware

We used Scope to capture these emails from our own inboxes: it’s perfect for sharing emails and inspecting their HTML.


Here’s a comprehensive list of all the 3rd party stats and resources I mention in the webinar:

Responsive email success stories & stats


Do you have any additional questions that weren’t answered during the webinar? Feel free to leave your questions in the comments section and we’ll get back to you!