We’re sorry

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We’ve grown as a company significantly in recent months, and continue to grow at more than 20% a month.

As such, our current hosting infrastructure was starting to feel the strain. Today we began our long-planned move a new hosting provider, provisioned with 3 times as many servers to give us room to grow.

Unfortunately things did not go as planned. A handful of things have gone wrong that we hadn’t anticipated. Although the fault lies with the hosting company’s infrastructure, the blame lies entirely with us for not testing the system at full load on the new network.

We’ve needed to backtrack, and are now running again on our original network, with our original hosts. The result has been additional hours of downtime that I’m sure have had an impact on many of our customers.

We’re sorry.

We’ve been proud of our uptime level to date and today has been a blow for the whole team here. We’re going to be evaluating some new hosting options over the coming weeks, and any future migrations will be tested much more thoroughly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We’re now back up and running.