Using Litmus with Basecamp

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One of our customers, Blutique, an interactive consultancy located in New Orleans, sent us a great example of how they’re presenting their Litmus test results to their clients using Basecamp.

I asked them to explain a little more about the process, since I think it’s something other customers might be interested in. Here’s what they do…

To ensure cross-platform, cross/email-client compatibility, we generate a test in Litmus that includes a variety of common email clients. We then use the ‘Publish’ function to make the results viewable to clients and embed that URL inside a Basecamp message thread.

To begin, we generate the Litmus test and publish the results.

Litmus test

Once the test is published we can use that resource in Basecamp. We create a message in the project and place an iframe within the message with the iframe source set to the published Litmus test URL.

Basecamp iframe

Now we can deliver the final assets as well as a comprehensive platform test to the client all within a single interface.

Basecamp message

If anyone else has examples of interesting ways they’re using Litmus we’d love to hear about them!